December 20, 2005

Retro Gaming Hacks, Part 1: Clone Pong, Using Only SDL (and Your Brain)

One of the great things about the games of yore is that they tended to be pretty simple, mostly because the hardware that pushed them only could do approximately 1.5 floating-point operations per day (FLOPD--an unfortunate acronym if ever I've seen one). Of course, one of the benefits of such spartan software is that in an actual game, you know, something "fun," has to exist at the kernel. When you don't have full-motion, cinema-quality cutscenes to distract the player, you had better serve up some serious gameplay. And the people working for Atari and Broderbund knew how to cook up games, including Atari's smash-hit video game Pong--one of the greatest games ever invented, and one of the simplest to implement.


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