January 4, 2004

Retrobox review

jleveille writes "Recently Linuxbeginner.org was in need of more equipment to install and review Linux distributions on. Being that we have zero revenue from ads or other sources we were in need of some well priced but quality equipment to get the job done."One day while I was reading comments on slashdot.org I noticed a link on one to retrobox.com, hmmmm I said, that looks interesting and started digging into what they had to offer.

I was impressed with the selection of workstations, hundreds of machines, all tested and starting for the measly sum of $11. Yes $11 will get you a nice running Pentium system.

We were looking for something that would support any modern distribution with ease performance wise and have adequate disk space after a sizable install. I started find what I needed right in the $30 range. After looking for a half hour or so I settled on a HP Kayak Pentium II 400 with 384MB Ram. The price $40, I next selected a monitor, 17 inch, for $60 and added it to my cart.

Link: linuxbeginner.org

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