January 12, 2007

Return of Netwosix

Anonymous Reader writes "Remember Netwosix? It
used to be a great security-oriented Linux distribution designed for
specialist tasks, such as penetration testing. That's until its
founder, Vincenzo Ciaglia, decided to take a paid position with
Guardian Digital, the developers of EnGarde Secure Linux, and abandoned
the project. The good news is that Netwosix is now back: "Yes,
Netwosix will be re-born! After I decided to leave Guardian Digital,
I'm working on NETWOSIX-NG, with the primary goal of introducing
complete support for SELinux. My goal is still to create one of the
best secure-by-default GNU/Linux distribution. If you have comments or
any kind of suggestion please let's discuss it together here."
For more information please read this
on Netwosix.org."

Link: distrowatch.com


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