October 10, 2000

Review: Accelerated-X laptop display in Linux - duplicate

Author: JT Smith

32bitsonline has an article about Accelerated-X laptop displays in Linux. "The last Xi Graphics product I reviewed was their MaXimum CDE (Common
Desktop Environment) Developers Edition. It seemed that the 'standard' UNIX
GUI was bolted onto a Linux distribution of nebulous lineage and shoved out the
door to fend for itself among the heavyweights from Redhat, TurboLinux and
SUSE. The result was less than satisfying.

Thankfully, this has changed. As far as I can tell, the Xi Graphics folks are no
longer in the Linux Distribution business. It pays to stay with what you know -
and there is no one in the display server business that is as fast to market with
new drivers for the Linux and BSD crowd than Xi Graphics."

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