July 30, 2001

Review: Agenda VR3 PDA

Author: JT Smith

Avatar writes "Another new review posted today at Evil3D. Today's fun covers the VR3 PDA from Agenda Computing, its ups and downs, and the community surrounding it. Here is a short blurb:

"While Linux has been making its way into the server market and trying to claw into the desktop market for some time, it has also slipped into the embedded market. As each day passes, more and more devices using Linux are announced. Some of the most notable are TiVo which has been on the market for some time, Nokia's upcoming Multimedia Terminal, and a soon to be released PDA from Sharp. Developers claim the choice is obvious. Small footprint, open code, free availability, efficiency, and stability all help give Linux the upper hand in embedded development."

The new review can be found here."

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