May 25, 2007

Review: Beginning JavaScript 3rd Edition

James Pyles writes "What do you need to know to get the most out of this book? Practically nothing. What will you
learn by using this book? Practically everything about JavaScript and AJAX. Ok, I'm exaggerating...
but let me explain. You will need to know basic HTML but if you are planning to use JavaScript to
liven up your tired, static website, that's a given. No, you won't learn everything there is to
know about JavaScript, but you will learn more than the basics and in fact, if you are patient and
stick with the book to the end, you'll be building JavaScript applications by the time you hit the

Yes, it's a big book and that makes it daunting. After all, some of you have probably been
burned by programming books before that were either too light to teach you any real skills or were
so overloaded with technical jargon and hard-to-read code samples that you almost went blind before
you finally gave up on them. Yes, it's big. But don't panic. This isn't a race. You don't have to
read all 767 pages in 24 hours or in two-and-a-half weeks by reading a chapter a day (there are 16
chapters) or anything like that. After all, what's the rush?"


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