March 20, 2007

Review: Bulletproof Ajax

James Pyles writes "My first surprise was how small an envelope this book came in. Sure, it was a huge envelope in terms of height and width but not thickness. I didn't even think it was a book before I opened the envelope. The very last page is 207 (although officially it's 216) which holds the "Z" in the index section so it is quite brief. That isn't necessarily a problem, though. Some books talk too much, after all.

I must admit that I'm not being quite fair. I'm reviewing this book while I have a cold which means I feel half asleep all the time, my throat is scratchy, and the intermittent coughing just plain annoys me. On top of that, I had a brief power outage at my place and when the power came back on, DSL didn't. The ISP is blameless (this time) but apparently the telco substation providing my DSL service decided to puke and won't come up now that the power is back on. I know I shouldn't get surly with tier one tech support. After all, they exist to protect the people who are really responsible for the fubars. So in a wonderful frame of mind, I decided to review Jeremy Keith's Bulletproof Ajax. My apologies in advance."


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