December 6, 2007

Review: Chumby

I previously mentioned the Chumby in our Holiday Gift Guide and have been waiting anxiously for its arrival. Well, that day finally came and Iââ¬â¢ve detailed my experience below. If youââ¬â¢re not familiar with the Chumby, itââ¬â¢s a Linux-based gadget that connects up to the internet via WiFi, and sports a squeeze sensor, accelerometer, and a 3.5ââ¬Â³ LCD color touchscreen. The coolest part about it is that it runs Adobe Flash-based widgets so pretty much anything you can imagine is (or will be) available for it, and Chumby includes an extensive list at This whole package comes wrapped up in a nice leather casing, and is actually quite fun to squeeze.



  • Linux
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