October 16, 2001

Review of Dominions game

Author: JT Smith

Avatar writes: "Just a quick note to let you know that evil3D has put up a new game review today. The game is Dominions: Priests, Prophets & Pretenders, the turn based strategy from Illwinter Game Design. Short blurb:
"Dominions is a turn-based strategy game with a fair variety of playing styles. The plot is as straightforward as possible. You are a Pretender, one who pretends to be a god to the people of the land. With your might, magic and minions, conquer the world so that all worship you as their god. And when another Pretenders get in the way? Well... take them out of course!"

Currently, Dominions plays on the Linux, Windows, Solaris, IRIX, & HPUX platforms. Our review can be found here."

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