December 21, 2004

Review of 'Eclipse 3.0 Kick Start'

TBR writes "Books are always a sure sign of the health (or otherwise) of a technology, tool or methodology. And, judging by the steady flow of new titles, Eclipse continues to be in a state of rude good health. In this 'Kick Start', author Carlos Valcarcel aims to give the Java developer a fast-paced introduction to this powerful but complex IDE that is making new converts all the time.

No prior experience of Eclipse is assumed, and the book opens with an introduction that includes download and installation instructions for those who have don't even have the software yet. From there the book dives straight into showing the reader how to use and extend Eclipse to get the most out of it.

Part one of the book covers basic usage for the Java developer, and focuses on the various components of the JDT (Java Development Tooling). The first chapter looks at the different structural elements of the Eclipse work bench, including perspectives, views, editors and so on, and in particular how these are used in the JDT. This is followed by a chapter that runs through the process of developing a simple project, giving an overview of all of the essential components aside from the debugger. It includes writing code, customising the editor, writing JUnit test classes, running the code and so on. In effect it's a single chapter tutorial that touches on the core functionality used by Java programmers.


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