May 17, 2004

Review of 'Fast Track UML 2.0'

Author: TechBookReport

TBR writes "The title's not kidding, this really is a fast track into UML 2.0. Forget any high-falutin' introductions, any in-depth discourses on modelling theory, object orientation or even much in the way of discussion of the Rational Unified Process or modelling tools. Instead this is a book that focuses pretty much on the core elements of UML 2.0.

The approach the author takes is to assume some knowledge of UML and then to cycle through different topics looking at the relevant constructs and how they fit together. While there's a knowledge of UML 1.x assumed, the book does not really look at it in relation to UML 2.0. For instance there are no 'this is new' or 'this has changed' sections. What's more there's an implicit assumption that the reader understands object oriented development (which goes without saying if the reader is already familiar with UML 1.x).

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