July 8, 2002

Review: Freesco floppy-based firewall

GonzoJohn writes: "While discussing home firewall setups with a colleague, I was introduced to a name I had not heard before. He said that he had set up a floppy based firewall using Freesco. "What is Freesco?" I asked. "Is it based on SCO Unix?" No, as it turns out -- it is a free Cisco router alternative based on Linux 2.0.38 and Ipfwadm that is very easy to setup ...
I decided that it may be worth it just to make the install floppy and set it up on my existing firewall machine. There would be no harm, because I could just pull the floppy and reboot. I did just that, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it actually was to install and configure.
Read the review at LinuxOrbit.com."


  • C/C++
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