October 12, 2004

Review of 'High-Tech Crimes Revealed'

TBR writes "The most interesting and readable accounts of IT security are written by protagonists - from either side of the IT security fence. 'High-Tech Crimes Revealed' comes from an author who is firmly on the side of the forces of law and order. As a security consultant Steven Branigan has worked with the FBI and other agencies investigating a range of intrusions and attacks. It is this background which provides the core content of this book, which is part true-crime and part IT security manual.

Unfortunately the book fails to live up to its billing either as thrilling true-crime reportage or as a handbook for the security professional.

Firstly the stories that Branigan discusses are definitely the most interesting part of the book. Each story is interesting both in a narrative sense and also in what they reveal of the techniques of the crackers and of the law-enforcement agents on the other side."

Link: techbookreport.com


  • Security
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