December 8, 2000

Review: Hitachi's Internet appliance

Author: JT Smith reviews the Hitachi Flora-ie 55mi Internet appliance, which "looks like an LCD
(liquid crystal display) screen
broken off a laptop. The screen is
touch-sensitive, and users can
browse the Web and check e-mail
using pen input similar to those on
much smaller PalmPilot or Windows
CE devices.

This dopey-looking Net appliance is, however, far brawnier than a
PalmPilot and should be well suited to Web-browsing. Running the
Linux operating system, it can connect to the Web via modem, a
wireless local area network or a cell phone. The Flora has 128
megabytes of flash ROM and 192 megabytes of RAM. And its 400
megahertz Crusoe chip runs on very low power, extending the device's
battery power to seven hours." More from IDG News Service.


  • Unix
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