January 19, 2007

Review: Java and XML

James Pyles writes "Obviously, using XML from Java applications is nothing new as the first two editions of this book attest.
However, numerous changes have occured which required a third edition of this book. From the Preface: "Quite a bit
has changed since the second edition appeared. Specifications that were drafts have been finalized, new
APIs have been introduced, and new uses for XML have emerged. Perhaps most significantly, two APIs discussed
in the second edition--JDOM and JAXB--saw important changes...". Having established the necessity for
a third edition, lebt's see what it's got under the hood.

While the book advertises itself as appropriate for the extreme XML newbie, Java experience is required
of the audience. I can accept that the book is written for the intermediate to advanced programmer, but if you can
pick up this book and become competant using XML in what the authors call "a crash course" in the first two chapters,
you're good. Wisely, page 1 includes a list of O'Reilly books on XML and XSLT that cover that territory in much
more detail. My recommendation would be for the Java programmer to pick up a copy of XML in a Nutshell and Learning XML before tackling Java & XML. It'll put you on more solid ground if you are completely
unfamiliar with XML."

Link: tech-unity.com

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