January 11, 2005

Review of 'Java Garage'

TBR writes "This is a book that tries so hard to be hot, fast, furious and cool. Tries way too hard and fails, ultimately. The author's stated intention, once you wade through the introductory chapter from which the quote is taken, is to provide a book that cuts to the chase and delivers the goods without detours and needless forays into programming theory, history or any of the other causes of book-bloat. It's a laudable aim. But unfortunately the end result simply does not stand scrutiny compared to a number of other books aimed at the same target audience of programmers wanting to get to grips with Java.

Firstly there's the problem of the breathless prose. It gets in the way. It doesn't shine any light on the topics at hand and the self-conscious attempts to be weird or wacky aren't much fun to read.


Link: techbookreport.com


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