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December 24, 2003

Review: LindowsOS 4

Kraig writes "The question of what Lindows is should perhaps begin with an explanation of what Lindows isn't. The world may be justifiably confused about the nature of Lindows due to some bold statements from marketers in the early days of the company. Despite its name, Lindows is not a hybrid of Windows and Linux. Lindows is also not a new Linux-like operating system that comes with the power to run Windows software. Lindows has decided to downplay its original dream of Windows compatibility and, instead, now focuses on its role as an extremely simple and user-friendly version of Linux. If you dig deep enough through the documentation, you will find that Lindows defines itself simply as a "Linux distribution." It would be more accurate to say that Lindows is a preconfigured Linux environment optimized for the amateur user and shipped with a set of built-in tools for accessing software and support services at the Web site."



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