November 28, 2000

Review: Linux Mandrake 7.2

Author: JT Smith

LinuxOrbit reviews the new distribution: "Despite all those neat-o features though, I'm having a bit of trouble at this time, using even simple things
like Aisle Riot, GNOME's solitaire game. It won't run, plain and simple. Starts, loads, crashes and that's all.
KPPP will not run either, along with a host of other problems. Now we are talking about an internet dialer
and a solitaire game here, not configuring Samba from the command line to run in a heterogeneous network
designed for heavy traffic and bullet proof security. No, these type of programs are the bread-and-butter
of newbieville, they're what people buy computers for in the first place, when they're not buying them for
business reasons."


  • Linux
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