July 13, 2004

Review of 'Objects First With Java'

TBR writes "Aimed clearly at a classroom audience, 'Objects First With Java' is a title that can be recommended to all who want an introduction to Java and/or an introduction to object oriented programming. It succeeds admirably in teaching both the language and the principles that underpin the language. Along with Head First Java this is also one of the few books which seems to really engage the reader and which pays close attention to how it is we best learn.

The first and more obvious thing about the book is that it is supplied with a copy of the BlueJ, the interactive programming environment designed to help teach Java. BlueJ presents a clean development environment that allows the building, running and debugging of Java code. However it's not simply a Java IDE like Eclipse, JCreator etc. It's a workbench that enables the user to instantiate classes, run methods, interrogate fields etc. In other words objects become real entities which can be manipulated and examined interactively in the workspace rather than abstract data structures that come and go while a program is running. We learn best by doing, and BlueJ enables the user to 'do'."

Link: TechBookReport.com

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