December 18, 2006

Review: Open Country's OCM Webmin Plus

Chuck Talk writes "After reading about the release of the Open Country OCM Webmin Plus code, I decide to take a look at the package in somewhat greater detail. I was pleased to see that Webmin is still a very useful and available package, and tha Open Country has stepped up to the plate to keep the Webmin Project alive and kicking. I still find Jamie Cameron's work one of the more useful admin packages out there, and it's continued development is in everyone's best interest.
In order to get started, I first had to visit the SourceForge
Project Page
to obtain the latest noarch RPM. That is one of the more beautiful things about webmin: it is distribution agnostic. You can obtain a gzipped tarball of the project or an RPM. Chances are you might even find it packaged as a deb file in the multiverse as well."


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