February 9, 2001

Review: OpenBSD 2.8

Author: JT Smith

TheDukeofURL.org has a review promoting OpenBSD's security: "What makes OpenBSD so special? While Linux has always prided itself on being an excellent server operating system, there are factions that
are pulling Linux towards the desktop, and there are others that are trying to keep it with its roots, the server rooms. Neither goal is a good or
bad thing, I'm not here to debate that; but the truth is, when you focus an operating system on a certain objective, you can really tie it together
in a beautiful fashion. OpenBSD is a perfect example of this ideology. Since OpenBSD is designed for security, and is 'secure by default' (as
their motto states), users wishing to have a functional and secure server need not toil with permissions and services, and in some cases, one
needs to do nothing more than install the operating system and watch in awe as it does its work."


  • Unix
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