September 27, 2004

Review of ' All in One'

TBR writes "Among the supporting factors for the dominance of Microsoft Office is the easy availability of high quality supporting documentation - third-party books, courses and websites - aimed at end-users. Similarly so for documentation aimed at developers - the material from Microsoft is supported by dozens of books and online material on VBA and Office integration. It's good therefore that we are starting to see the first signs that OpenOffice is beginning to generate the same sort of support infrastructure.

' All in One', by Greg Perry, aims to be a one-stop shop for users new to the premier open source office suite. The book comes with an installation CD so that new users can install (on Windows, Linux or OS X) and get going immediately.

The book is pitched firmly at the newbie and it aims to introduce each of the four main components of OOo - Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw. No prior experience of OOo or MS Office is assumed, so the book starts with the absolute basics. A task-oriented structure is used throughout, with step by step instructions and plenty of screen-shots included to make things as clear as possible.

Because the book is so firmly pitched at the introductory level many experienced users may get frustrated that the book moves so slowly."


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