June 22, 2004

Review of O'Reilly Eclipse book

TBR writes "Aside from being a huge bone of contention within the Java community (both in terms of tools platform development and because of its use of SWT), Eclipse also has a reputation of having a steep learning curve. No one doubts that it's a feature rich and extensible development platform. However it's the fact that it's much more than a basic IDE that makes it appear forbidding to the first time user. There's just too much of it to swallow in nice easy chunks. Author Steve Holzner recognises this fact and therefore the focus of this book is firmly on helping the reader learn to use Eclipse for Java development rather than as a framework for IDE/plug-in development.

Starting in nice easy steps for us mere mortals, the book opens with a chapter entitled 'Essential Eclipse'. As the title suggests this walks us through the absolute basics of downloading, installing and running Eclipse. Like the best tutorials it answers most of the obvious questions and yet plants a lot more in return. It shows how to enter code, compile it, correct errors and run it."

Link: TechBookReport.com

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