Review of ‘PHP 5 Power Programming’

TBR writes “With version 5 the inexorable rise of PHP as one of the dominant web development environments continues apace. With a major re-engineering of the object-oriented part of the Zend engine, the improved XML support and the addition of key extensions, such as SOAP and the MySQLi interface to MySQL 4.1+, PHP 5 is a major step forward. And who better to introduce the new language features and extensions than Andi Gutmans, co-designer of PHP since version 3.0, and leading developers Stig Bakken and Derick Rethans. Note that this is the key aim for the book, it’s designed for the PHP developer wanting to move to PHP 5 rather than as a tutorial or introduction to PHP for the novice, (though it should be mentioned that the book does include a single chapter introduction to PHP, but this is more of a refresher and is no substitute for something more general, such as Core PHP).

After a couple of opening chapters, the book moves into gear in chapter 3. This focuses on the new object-oriented features of PHP. It begins with the basics of classes, properties, methods and so on before looking at more fundamental issues, such as polymorphism, interfaces, the exception object and so on. Any Java or C# programmers looking in will find that the PHP implementation of objects to be completely intuitive and natural. PHP feels like an object oriented language rather than a scripting language with some OO bolted-on.

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