May 4, 2007

Review: Professional XML

James Pyles writes "I know it's probably just a matter of timing and deadlines, but it's kind of interesting that Professional XML
was released a full month before Wrox's Beginning XML.
After all, being a linear sort of fellow,
reviewing "beginning" before "professional" makes
more sense to me...particularly since this book suggests reading
Beginning XML if you are totally unfamiliar with this markup language.
A quick glance at the back of the book under Who this book is for yields the
quote: "This book is for developers who have a general understanding of programming technologies,
such as C# or Java, and are looking to add XML to their architecture". So the target audience for
the Evjen, Sharkley, et al tome is the
professional software developer who does know languages such as C#
and Java but
who doesn't know XML."


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