September 24, 2001

Review of Rune for Linux

Author: JT Smith

Avatar writes: "Just a heads up that evil3D has put up a new game review today. Today's game is Rune, originally developed by Human Head Studios, and ported to the Linux platform by Loki."Recently released by Loki, and with the expansion coming soon, Rune is one of the more popular 3D titles to come to Linux in a good while. The anticipation of this release isn't quite as great as that for Dues Ex but, this title does have a pretty good following. And with the release not too far off that of the Windows version, Rune is a fairly up to date game. Following what appears to be Loki official package style, the purchaser receives a DVD Style case, a single game CD-ROM, and 28 page manual with color cover."
The review can be found here:"
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