June 24, 2002

Review: Slackware 8.1

mangeli writes: "I started using linux two years ago with a downloaded copy (I later bought the boxed set) of Mandrake 7.0. After a week of that, and a week of 7.1, I decided to try out a distro called Slackware (http://www.slackware.com). I don't know what made me do it, maybe it was the name, something about it appealed to me ...
Whats that got to do with 8.1?" you must be asking yourself. Well, I wanted to let you know my history with this distro. The production servers I admin at work currently run Slackware 8.0 with a 2.4.14 kernel (I know, I need to upgrade the kernel) and while I have tried other distributions (Ok, one other distribution, gentoo) I keep coming back to Slackware."

Full review at Tinyminds.org."


  • C/C++
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