September 10, 2004

Review of 'Succeeding With Open Source'

TBR writes "No, not a book on how to create a meisterwerk of open source software. In fact not a book for developers at all. Instead this is a book that is aimed firmly at those higher up in the food chain. This is a book for those in IT management who are dipping a toe into the unfamiliar waters of open source and are afraid to get soaked.

Essentially the book functions as a basic primer on what open source is, how it differs from closed source software and, crucially, how to assess open source products for business use. The assessment process is rather grandly described as the Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM), and the book describes the process in some detail, including a worked example built around an assessment of the JBoss application server.

The OSMM process essentially distils a lot of common sense into a series of steps that provides a formal structure around which to make decisions about open source products. For many developers this will seem a fairly pointless exercise. After all our assessment criteria revolve around functionality, development tools, documentation and so on. However in most corporate environments itâs not necessarily the techies who make these decisions.

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