January 9, 2004

Review: SUSE 9.0: A Distro Worth Paying For

Europeans are different from North Americans. They have all this cool, colorful money with lots of zeroes. They can smoke where they want to. And they
are trendsetters, listening to strange new music and buying cars with heated seats.

Now SUSE is liable to set a new trend: give Linux users a real reason to actually buy a shrink-wrapped copy of a Linux distribution.

SUSE 9 offers a superb printed manual, a great installation interface, a modern KDE system in addition to the more standard, older GNOME interface,
and a new kernel build. It's easy to see why Novell thought enough of the software to buy the company.

But there's a catch: you'll have to get purchasing to approve an expenditure of $90 (including shipping) per copy. You'll have no choice: the full
distribution is not available for download, and you'll want the 400+ page manual. For home users, there's a less expensive Home Version available for
$50 with less support and installation help, mostly for non-developers or non-network users.

Link: internetwk.com


  • Linux
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