Review: SUSE Linux 10.1 Kick Start

James Pyles writes “SUSE Linux 10.1 Kick Start is part of SAMS new Shortcut Series. To bring you up to speed, here’s a quote from the source: “Short Cuts are short, concise, PDF documents designed specifically for busy technical professionals like you. Each Short Cut is tightly focused on a specific technology or technical problem. This may be a cutting-edge new technology that shows great promise, or it may be an existing technology that has reached the “tipping point” and is about to take off.” Visit the Shortcut Home Page for more information on this series.

As mentioned above, Shortcuts are basically short, compressed books published in a pdf format. This means that you can buy it online and download the book right then and there. No waiting for USPS or UPS to deliver it in “4 to 14 business days”. For my first Shortcut, I picked a familiar subject: Linux. Although normally grounded in Debian, I’ve been working with OpenSUSE 10.1 lately on one of my lab machines so I was interested if this “shortcut” could teach me a thing or two. Here’s what I found out.”



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