Review: System76’s Galago Pro Solves ‘Just Works’ Linux’s Goldilocks Problem


Still, finding the perfect Linux laptop has always been and remains something of a Goldilocks problem: this one is too big, this one is too underpowered, this one has too little RAM, this one lacks a big SSD, and so on. Generally speaking, if you want power and storage you’re going to end up with something too big to comfortably throw in a bag and carry all day. The Dell Precision 7520 and the System76 Oryx Pro are good examples of this.

Alternately, you could go for the more portable Dell XPS 13 or System76 Lemur, which both offer a more svelte, lightweight machine that’s easier on your shoulders but lacking in RAM and drive space.

What Linux users like myself have long wanted is a laptop with roughly the form factor and weight of a Macbook pro, but with the option to get 32GB of RAM or 3TB of storage. This is the mythical unicorn of pre-built Linux machines, a laptop that is both reasonably lightweight and powerful.

And that, my fellow Linux users, is refreshingly what System76 has managed to deliver with its new Galago Pro laptop.

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