June 30, 2004

Review of 'Teach Yourself J2EE In 221 Days'

Author: TechBookReport

TBR writes "Whenever we see a 'Widgets in 24 Minutes' title we're reminded of Peter Norvig's essay 'Teach Yourself Programming In 10 Years', (usefully reprinted recently in a number of books, including Linux Programming By Example). So forget the promise of instant enlightenment, no book, no matter how good, is going to give it to you. Having shattered your illusions, we can now actually take a look at the book and see what it really delivers.

This new (second) edition of the book updates the contents to cover J2EE 1.4. As the title implies this is very much an introductory text which aims to cover the full range of technologies that make up the J2EE platform. While the book assumes little prior knowledge of J2EE, it does assume some knowledge of Java (in other words knowledge of J2SE).

The book opens with a scene setting chapter which surveys the landscape of n-tier development and gives a birds-eye view of what J2EE is and what it's supposed to do. This is followed up with a more detailed view of the different technologies and components (from Enterprise Java Beans to servlets to JSP, from HTTP to XML and more) which are included and finishes with a walk-through of the installation and configuration of Sun's J2EE reference installation. The book is largely structured around a single worked example project, and this is introduced and discussed as well.

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  • Java
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