January 22, 2007

Review: Windows Vista in a Nutshell

James Pyles writes "So far the Windows Vista books I've reviewed (Easy Microsoft
Windows Vista (QUE)
and Microsoft Windows Vista
Unleashed (SAMS)
) have been for the beginner/home user and home/small office/small business user respectively. From the
introductory material in Windows Vista in a Nutshell, it seems this book is for the SOHO user as well, with a small nod to
corporate users. For a "Desktop Quick Reference", this book weighs in at a hefty 732 pages. Though probably not the largest "In a
Nutshell" book ever published, it's still pretty big, indicating that there's a lot of road to cover with Windows Vista. After getting into the book and
the subject matter, I started to wonder if 732 pages was even close to enough.
One of the things I found in this book was a handy table comparing the various features available in the different editions of Vista. The author
also made it clear that only Windows XP and Windows 2000 are on Vista's upgrade path. If you are still running Windows 98, you'll have to
purchase the full version (though it's unlikely that an older PC running Windows 98 would meet Vista's hardware requirements). Another table
is provided giving the details specific to the upgrade options for Windows XP and 2000 relative to the different Vista editions. Of course, this
is just scratching the surface. Let's go deeper."

Link: mcseworld.com

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