Review of ‘XML Hacks’

TBR writes “Like the other books in this series, ‘XML Hacks’ provides a wide range of Tips, Tricks, Techniques and other good things (not all of them beginning with T). Featuring a veritable who’s who of well-known XML authors and experts, (including Micah Dubinko, Rick Jeliffe, Jason Hunter, Michael Smith as well as editor and lead author Michael Fitzgerald), this is a book that is grounded in day to day practice.

Organised into seven chapters, the book opens with a series of introductory hacks that look at dealing with XML documents, from how to look at an XML document in a browser to how to style a document with CSS to testing documents on-line and off-line. The final hack in this chapter shows how to use Java to process XML documents. No previous Java knowledge is assumed, and the hack walks through the process of how to install and configure Java so that jar files can be used from the command-line. This is an important step because Java offers many open-source tools for processing XML, using this hack makes these available even to those who know little, if anything, about it.

The next chapter looks at XML documentation creation. This includes a round-up of editors and tools, including , Emacs, Vim, MS Office and more. Other hacks in this section include converting documents from CSV or text files, converting from HTML to XHTML and so on.”