​Revised Linux Code of Conduct is Now Officially Part of Linux


Some organizations might not include their Code of Conductin the software source code tree, but the Linux developers aren’t your ordinary group. In the Linux 4.19 announcement, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux’s leader for this release and maintainer of the stable branch, added in the Code of Conduct and some minor changes.

Kroah-Hartman explained why the Linux developers felt they needed to add a Code of Conduct:

We all need to remember that, every year new people enter our community with the goal, or requirement, to get stuff done for their job, their hobby, or just because they want to help contribute to the tool that has taken over the world and enabled everyone to have a solid operating system base on which to build their dreams.

.. That goal has been, is now, and will continue to be to produce the best possible code. Some in the community have feared that a Code of Conduct would force Linux to accept poor-quality code just to fulfill some kind of quota. In his keynote speech at the Open Source Europe Summit in Scotland, Jon Corbet, Linux kernel developer and editor of LWN, replied to this: “These fears will prove to be unfounded.”

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