November 9, 2001

Revolution 1.1 cross-platform IDE Launched

Author: JT Smith

rod mccall writes: "Runtime Revolution announces the launch of version 1.1 of its new Cross-platform development environment. Revolution operates on Linux, Unix, MAC OS (Classic and OS X) and Windows. The new version includes support for MAC OS X, cross-platform database access for ODBC, Oracle and MySQL (depending on licence), enhanced multimedia and internet support. Using Revolution's user interface layout tools and built-in English-like programming language, developers can create standalone, double-clickable applications for any supported platform. Since its launch in July of this year, Revolution has joined the ranks of
the leading developer tools and was recently awarded a top score rating of
five mice by MacUser magazine (UK). A recent independent study showed that
an application written in Revolution can take half the programming effort to
develop when compared to a leading competitor. A free Starter Kit Edition is available for you to download from:
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