March 28, 2003

Revolution OS DVD gambles on CSS-Free

J.T.S. Moore writes "Today on there is an article about the release of the Linux documentary film REVOLUTION OS as a CSS-encryption free DVD:,1412,58253,00.htm l

REVOLUTION OS is being released CSS-Free and Region Free to call attention to the abusive nature of Digital Rights Management. J.T.S. Moore, Bruce Perens, and Eric Raymond are quoted extensively in the article by Michelle Delio.

REVOLUTION OS is a feature length documentary about the origins of GNU, Linux, and the Open Source movement. The film stars Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Brian Behlendorf, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, and many others. The REVOLUTION OS DVD is a 2-disc special edition with many special features. To purchase, go to:"


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