February 2, 2001

'Revolution OS' gets public showing at LinuxWorld

Author: JT Smith

LWN.net has coverage of Thursday at LinuxWorld. "As a sheer stroke of luck, Liz Coolbaugh ran into Jon 'maddog' Hall in the Javitts Center where
he gave her his one extra ticket to the first public showing of the documentary "Revolution OS",
created by J.T.S. Moore, a filmmaker with roots at Stanford and therefore personal connections
to many of the folks at VA Linux, Penguin Computing and more. Doug Bone first convinced
Moore to consider the Free Software, Linux, Open Source phenomena as a topic for a
documentary. This is his first effort in this arena. Not being a film critic, Liz refrained from
predicting the success of this documentary outside our own community, but personally, she
loved it."


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