March 17, 2002

Revolution OS movie review

kikensei tells us of this story: ame=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=5. "The film is a bit of an anachronism now, since it culminates before the harsh fall from grace of Linux and the tech sector on Wall Street. It's likely though, that Linux was never really understood by the financial world, overvalued in ?99, and undervalued in current days, the OS is slowly, and steadily gaining ground by virtue of its own merits. The stalwart Open Source 'visionaries' Eric Raymond and Richard Stallman, given so much time in the film, don't shine with the same spark they may have carried in the awkward beginning days of the GNU and Linux OS movement. The community seems to care more for work and development than philosophy these days, so some of the monologues have worn a bit thin.

Nonetheless, Revolution OS is a fun film for the Linux enthusiast, and well worth the visit for the historical primer it provides. Finally the figureheads of the open source movement have a face to match their names in print. Even Slashdot's Rob Malta (Cmdr Taco) can be seen lounging at the Linux expo. The viewer can decide if that?s a good thing."


  • Linux
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