August 9, 2002

REVOLUTION OS opening in Silicon Valley

James at Seventh Art Releasing writes: REVOLUTION OS, an award winning documentary about Linux and Open Source, is coming to Silicon Valley in a big way. On Friday, August 23, REVOLUTION OS will open exclusively at Camera Cinemas in San Jose.
For those of you who like their movies free as in free beer, there will be a free preview screening on Wednesday, August 14, at 10 AM, at Camera 3 Cinemas at 288 South Second Street (corner of 2nd and San Carlos) in downtown San Jose. Feel free to just show up at Camera 3 for the preview screening.

During LinuxWorld San Francisco, Hewlett-Packard will be raffling off limited-edition DVDs of REVOLUTION OS at HP's exhibit booth in the Moscone Center. At 4:30 PM on Wednesday, August 14, following an in-booth presentation by REVOLUTION OS director J.T.S. Moore, Hewlett-Packard will giveaway 100 DVDs of REVOLUTION OS to the first 100 people to attend the presentation.

A special edition DVD of REVOLUTION OS with loads of bonus features and extra interview footage will be released for retail sale during the second half of September. For more information about the upcoming DVD and videotape release of REVOLUTION OS, please e-mail

After a highly successful Los Angeles run, REVOLUTION OS resumes its nationwide screening tour with its theatrical release in Silicon Valley. The LA Weekly states "The filmmaker also evinces a fine sense of framing, montage, color and pace; shot on 35mm, Revolution OS is aesthetically pleasing, briskly involving and, for a movie about tech theories, surprisingly charming." Film Critic Kevin Thomas of The Los Angeles Times writes that REVOLUTION OS is "...witty..." with a "...brisk pace."

Daily Variety calls the film a "...cheery, puckish concoction...targeted equally at the techno-illiterate and the savvy-hacker crowds." Film Threat states that REVOLUTION OS is "Required Viewing." TV Guide calls the film "...surprisingly exciting... unusually sharp looking...and something that even non-techies can enjoy." calls the widescreen, 35mm photography of the film "...striking."

See for yourself what the critics are writing about. View the trailer and the first eight minutes online at /0,4470,2419320,00.html

Shot in cinemascope on 35mm film in Silicon Valley, REVOLUTION OS depicts an unusual group of characters that are three-parts libertarian, two parts communist, and one-part bad garage band. REVOLUTION OS stars Linus Torvalds - the creator of Linux, and Richard Stallman - the ideological godfather of the movement, and features interviews with high-tech luminaries and commentators such as Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, Brian Behlendorf, Michael Tiemann, Larry Augustin, Frank Hecker, and Rob Malda.

REVOLUTION OS is available on 35 mm and runs 85 minutes. For more information go to the website


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