August 30, 2005

Revolutionary New Way To Buy Hosting

Gary Sims writes "Revolutionary New Way To Buy Linux Hosting launches revolutionary new way to buy Linux hosting. The established method of buying hosting is using fixed, inflexible plans at set prices for set features. At you buy plans by the dollar. One dollar buys you a certain amount of disk space and monthly download bandwidth and now all the customer needs to do is decide how much they want.

Canada, August 29, 2005 -- Today launches a revolution new way to pay for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) hosting. In the old days you had to choose which fixed plan you wanted and in the old days what you really wanted was always between one plan and another. is the new way... $1 buys you 250Mb of disk space and 1Gb of bandwidth now all you have to do is say how much you want. So if you spend $3 you get 750Mb of disk space and 3 Gb of monthly download traffic. $10 gives 2.5 Gb of disk space and 10 Gb of monthly download traffic and so on...

“I started this company when I couldn't find the hosting deal I wanted” said Gary Sims, founder of “Now with the customer gets what they pay for rather than having to pay for what they don't want.”

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Partnering with several other Internet companies including 247-Host, The Planet and Ev1Servers LowPriceHosting provides quality Linux hosting at low prices. offers affordable and reliable UNIX hosting with features such as CGI/Perl, MySQL and PHP. For building a personal website or a professional website for your business, you will find what you need at

Gary Sims, founder
Low Price Hosting"


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