February 12, 2004

RFID gets Linux-based boost

The much-hyped market for RFID (radio frequency identification) has received a boost in the form of an open-source system that enables large numbers
of the tags to be read in a confined area.

The tags - tiny chips with a unique ID and antenna - can be attached to products to act as a tracking device and are tipped to supercede barcodes.
They should allow for better stock systems and hence reduced costs. However, with a large number of tags in a small area, the issue of interference
has become an important one.

Magellan Technologies, however, has developed what it claims to be a world-first in RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that allows many
closely bunched tags to be uniquely identified without interference. And it has taken the open source route using Linux-based readers and an open
source application interface.

Link: techworld.com


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