May 30, 2001

RIAA lawsuit watch

Author: JT Smith

The humor site, Segfault tries to keep track of the RIAA's lawsuits. Remember, this is humor. "So far, the RIAA has sued Napster, Aimster, Gnutella, Scour, Audiogalaxy, WinMX, iMesh,
FileNavigator, Hotline, MusicCity, KaZaa Media Desktop, Yaga, SongSpy, Jackalope Audio,, ComTry Music Downloader, Dogster, Napigator, Wrapster, Tripnosis, FileRogue,
Swaptor, FileFunnel, AudioLocator, Splooge, AlbumWrap, Audiofind, Wippit, Soundcrawler,
Plebio, Spotlight, OnShare File Manager, RiffShare, MP3 Fiend, Spinfrenzy Xchange,
MP3Exchanger, MP3 Voyeur, MP3Robot, MP3Fury, Planet,MP3Find, MediaShare,
Agent-MP3, most major Usenet groups, and the makers of WinAmp, Sonique, Windows
Media Player, UltraPlayer, AtomixMP3, WinPlay3, Yahoo Player, Mp3 2000, RealPlayer,
AllSound, MPFree, XingMP3, and FreeAmp for facilitating the distribution, listening, and
enjoyment of MP3 files."


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