March 9, 2004

Rich Bowen & Big Nerd Ranch Offer Apache Bootcamp

Emily Herman writes "Rich Bowen and the Big Nerd Ranch Announce New Apache Bootcamp May 17-21, 2004

Building on its growing reputation for offering state-of-the-art classes tailored to meet the demands of constantly evolving technology, the Big Nerd Ranch announces the newest offering in its family of classes, the Apache Bootcamp. The retreat facility located in wooded rolling hills outside of Atlanta offers Apache server administrators and web application developers an opportunity to spend 5 intensive days learning the nuts and bolts of building, configuring and securing an Apache server with introductions to developing web server applications with CGI, PHP, and mod_perl. This course addresses the needs of very large and complex Apache installations including virtual hosts and clustering with mod_proxy.

The Big Nerd Ranch, in cooperation with Cooper MacGregor, has tapped the extensive knowledge and expertise of one of the seminal leaders in Apache server administration and development, Rich Bowen. In addition to being a member of the Apache Software Foundation where he is part of the Apache Web Server Documentation team, Mr. Bowen is the author of Apache Server Unleashed, Apache Cookbook, and Apache Administrator's Handbook, of which the latter will be used as the course textbook.

When asked to evaluate the importance and value of the Apache Bootcamp class, Mr. Bowen said, "Name any ten companies. Seven of those use Apache servers. To be competitive in server administration, one must have a firm grounding in the fundamentals of Apache Server."

"In a world where continuing education comes at a premium, but mastery of emerging technologies is a must, the Big Nerd Ranch makes a concerted effort to develop curricula that is not only intellectually exciting but also pertinent and marketable to the industries our students serve," said Aaron Hillegass, Big Nerd Ranch founder. "Our students expect and demand that the Big Nerd Ranch stay abreast of the furious pace of technology while still providing solid, well-planned, and quality instruction."

The class, generating widespread interest even before its release date was announced, will emphasize five major areas of discussion: the Fundamentals of the Apache Server (including migrating existing servers to the new release of Apache 2.0), Server Configuration, Dynamic Content, Security and Auditing, and Standard and Special Purpose Modules, including WebDAV. For a complete syllabus, please visit

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix and Mac OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA. Class price of $3500 includes lodging, all meals, original instruction materials, 24-hour lab access, and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. Students are encouraged to bring independent projects to class, allowing for input from classmates and individual instructor attention. For more information, call 678-595-6773 or visit ."


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