July 18, 2001

RidgeRun Ddlivers board support package for Texas Instruments digital signal processor

Author: JT Smith

Jamie Dillon sends this press release: RidgeRun, Inc., a leading developer of embedded Linux software and tools for appliances using digital signal processing (DSP) components, today announced immediate availability of its innovative Board Support Package (BSP) for the Texas Instruments TMS320DSC21 digital signal processor. Key RidgeRun TM development tools now fully back this Texas Instruments processor, giving developers critical start-to-finish tools for software development.

This robust product offering allows embedded system developers to build an embedded product quickly, start writing applications before hardware is available, access royalty-free Open Source code to jump start development and use the power of DSPs without expertise in DSP algorithm development. Specifically, RidgeRun offers developers using the TI TMS320DSC21processor:

  • The Open Source Linux Kernel optimized for the TI TMS320DSC21 processor.
  • Drivers for all the system-on-chip peripherals including on-screen display, UART, compact flash and USB.
  • The powerful Appliance Simulator to help multimedia and wireless OEMs develop and implement products while access to hardware may be limited. Among a variety of benefits, the appliance simulator allows developers to run DSPLinux on a desktop PC within a simulated embedded device, create and debug applications before running on actual hardware and use the same cross-compile tools as needed for the actual target.
  • The industry standard GNU software development tool suite is configured for cross-compilation to allow you to develop code for targets supported by DSPLinux. A compiler, assembler, debugger, linker, Standard C library and utility programs for software development are among the tools available in the RidgeRun DSC21 BSP.


The RidgeRun DSC21 BSP is available today through a flexible licensing program for the DSPLinux BSP development tools and the proprietary components of DSPLinux. The DSPLinux BSP license includes 30 days free installation and configuration support, special access to DSPLinux.net, and one year of free updates. E-mail sales@ridgerun.com for more details.

About the TI TMS320DSC21 digital signal processor
The DSC21 combines on a single device the ultra-low power TMS320C5000 TM DSP to perform real-time media processing and an ARM7TDMI ® RISC processor for system control functions. Programmable hardware multimedia accelerators perform concurrent processing that boosts application-specific imaging and video performance. As imaging and video appliances take on real-time wireless capabilities, the DSC21 architecture will provide a future roadmap to other TI DSC architectures, which will leverage TI's power-efficient TMS320C55x TM DSP and TI-enhanced ARM9 ®.

About RidgeRun, Inc.
RidgeRun is exclusively focused on bringing the reliability and flexibility of Linux to embedded Internet appliances based on DSPs (digital signal processors). RidgeRun's DSPLinux leverages the power of Texas Instruments dual-core DSP architectures to deliver the performance-leading platform for wireless, broadband and multimedia appliances. RidgeRun can be reached at www.ridgerun.com or by e-mail to info@ridgerun.com.

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