February 20, 2002

RidgeRun launches Escali multimedia phone software

Author: JT Smith

Jamie Dillon writes: "Leveraging the optimal performance and low power consumption of OMAP processors from Texas Instruments, Incorporated (TI), RidgeRun today launched its new Escali platform, a comprehensive multimedia mobile phone software solution for the rapid introduction and development of GSM/GPRS and 3G handsets. Together with Smart Fusion's J2ME Java implementation, the Escali platform includes a robust Linux foundation, powerful multitasking and networking, an open applications framework, and extensible messaging and contact management applications.

"As a member of TI's OMAP Developer Network, RidgeRun has optimized its multimedia phone software platform for the OMAP platform using Linux, Java and a variety of proprietary and third party components,"said Rudy Prince, CEO of RidgeRun. "The Escali platform takes advantage of a solid Linux foundation, Smart Fusion's J2ME Java implementation and TI's extensive third party developer network to deliver a powerful, reliable multimedia solution to GSM/GPRS and 3G handset developers."

"The Escali platform serves as a perfect demonstrator of Smart Fusion's ability to provide tightly integrated Java infrastructure and application components for collaborative smart devices,"commented Steve Jones, president of Smart Fusion. "Our components are architected for a converged world, at whose centre will be the handsets targeted by this solution."

Applications developed on TI's OMAP platform include new functionality and perform better than those written for other hardware platforms. In addition, the expansive global developer communities, inherent robustness and proven reliability of Linux and Java enable Smart Fusion and RidgeRun to offer a compelling new platform that scales to meet the needs of a range of multimedia handsets.

"RidgeRun's Escali multimedia software platform leverages the OMAP processor's open, easy-to-use programming environment to help device manufacturers deliver a number of exciting new applications that run on Java and Linux,"said Paul Werp, worldwide marketing director for TI's OMAP platform. "RidgeRun's software solution, combined with TI's scalable OMAP processors, also offers a robust, compelling solution for developers creating multimedia applications for mobile Internet devices."

The RidgeRun Escali platform leverages the use of open source software and TI's extensive third party developer network, while delivering core RidgeRun proprietary technology in the following areas:

Reliable Linux Foundation

  • Flexible, Compressed Code Storage
  • Optimized ROM/RAM Footprint
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Efficient Power Management
  • Remote Upgradability

Robust Applications/Framework

  • Customizable UI/Themes
  • Multimedia MMS and E-mail
  • Standard, Open APIs

Key features of Smart Fusion's value-added Java infrastructure include:

J2ME CLDC / MIDP Infrastructure

  • Tightly integrated with DSP Linux
  • Compressed memory footprint

Valued added Java Application Components

  • Streaming Multimedia (JSR 135)
  • Location- and Context-Aware Services
  • Connectivity (JSR 82)

Java Community Process Member

  • JSR 135 - Multimedia (expert group)
  • JSR 82 - Bluetooth TM (expert group)
  • JSR 118 - MIDP NG (review group)

About TI's OMAP Developer Network
Smart Fusion and RidgeRun are members of TI's OMAP TM Developer Network, a group of software developers writing wireless applications for mobile Internet devices. OMAP developers enjoy a variety of tools and support to enable rapid application development for leading operating systems and programming languages plus the opportunity to collaborate with a range of developers designing applications such as multimedia, security, location based services, mobile commerce and gaming. OMAP developers also benefit from TI's fully-open OMAP platform, which has been selected by Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Palm, Sendo, HTC and others for their 2.5 and 3G wireless devices. For more information about the OMAP Developer's Network, please visit http://www.ti.com/sc/omapdevelopers.

About Smart Fusion
Smart Fusion develops Java infrastructure and application components for smart collaborative devices. The company's mission is to respond to needs arising from the convergence of industries, technologies and communication products. Smart Fusion participates to these changes by proposing software services, solutions and application components for location, context aware and multimedia services for the wireless, home and in-car markets. Smart Fusion can be contacted at www.smart-fusion.com or by email to mathew.smith@smart-fusion.com.

About RidgeRun, Inc.
RidgeRun is exclusively focused on bringing the reliability and flexibility of Linux to embedded Internet appliances based on DSPs (digital signal processors). RidgeRun's DSPLinux TM leverages the power of Texas Instruments dual-core DSP+ARM architectures to deliver the performance-leading platform for wireless, broadband and multimedia appliances. RidgeRun can be reached at www.ridgerun.com or by e-mail to info@ridgerun.com.


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