November 22, 2000

RidgeRun successfully makes portable Bluetooth stack for Linux

Author: JT Smith

Boise, ID - November 21, 2000 - RidgeRun, Inc., today announced that they have successfully made a portable Bluetooth Stack for Linux. RidgeRun has extended the Axis Bluetooth stack for Linux to the ARM and MIPS platforms. "The original Open Source code was targeted for x86 processors," said Phil Verghese, Vice-President of Engineering.
RidgeRun has added Bluetooth support to its DSPLinux product, so the company decided to modify the Bluetooth stack to be portable. The company has released the new portable code back to the Open Source community.

Bluetooth wireless technology is a new low-cost radio technology that is designed to eliminate the need for physical cables to connect a wide range of products, including cellular phones, PCs, headphones, audio equipment, and many more. It has unprecedented industry support, with over 1,800 companies in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, including all of the leading players in the telecommunications and computing industries. According to Cahners In-Stat group, the Bluetooth market will grow from 11.5 million units shipped in 2000 to 671.8 million in 2005.

About RidgeRun, Inc.
RidgeRun, Inc. is totally focused on bringing the reliability and
flexibility of Linux to embedded Internet appliances based on DSPs (digital signal processors). RidgeRun's DSPLinuxTM is an operating system that leverages the power of Texas Instruments' OMAP and DSP architectures to deliver the performance leading platform for wireless, broadband and multimedia appliances using DSPs. These include mobile phones; digital cameras, audio and video players, automotive systems, set-top boxes, home networking gateways, and PDAs. The RidgeRun team has extensive experience in developing world-class embedded systems, fault-tolerant software and high performance Linux solutions. RidgeRun can be reached at link or by e-mail to

-Daniel Meyers

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