September 5, 2003

Rilke CMS 0.95 beta released!

Jay Sheth writes
"I am happy to announce the release of Rilke CMS 0.95 beta, after
several months of hard work!

Rilke CMS is a PHP / MySQL based content management system. It can be
used to publish a variety of different websites, including personal and
collaborative weblogs.

It is different from other open source content management systems in
that it is easy to use and administer, provides a cross-platform
WYSIWYG interface, and has five unique, built-in CSS themes.

A demo of the latest version is available at:

The latest version has many improvements, including:

* A redesigned default theme
* Five built-in CSS themes, 1-click theme change, theme preview
* A built in permissions / user-level system (writer, editor,
* A complete user interface for adminstering users (only available to
* Easy user interface localization through language packs (currently
available in English and partially in German)
* Customizable Links (via a styled drop down menu)
* Customizable Blogroll +  Mini RSS Feed Reader
* A customizable contact info. block

These features from before have been improved:

* WYSIWYG editing (works in Mozilla 1.3+, Mozilla Firebird 0.61+, IE
* Easy image upload / attachment
* Built-in CSS layouts
* Administration look-and-feel (better IE / small screen compatibility)

Any feedback / suggestions for improvement are welcome. Help making all
the untranslated new features in 0.95 beta available in German is also


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