October 9, 2006

RMS on free software and developing countries

coriordan writes "A transcript is now online ofof Richard Stallman's presentation on the panel
titled "Is Free/Open Source Software the Answer?", on the
18th of November at the 2005
World Summit of the
Information Society (WSIS)
in Tunisia.

A video of this presentation is available on
uploade.wikimedia.org: 051118-WSIS.2005-Richard.Stallman.ogg

More transcripts, including many of Richard Stallman, are available
at: http://ciaran.compsoc.com/texts/

This transcript was made
by CiarĂ¡n
of FSFE.
Richard Stallman is the president of FSF - a sister organisation of

Presentation sections:

  1. Beginning
  2. What is Free Software
  3. Like cooking
  4. Current status
  5. Importance of awareness
  6. Developing countries
  7. Colonial systems
  8. Schools and proprietary software
  9. Open source
  10. TCO and freedom


Link: fsfe.org

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