July 3, 2004

Roadsend announces commercial PHP implementation

Author: Roadsend Inc

Roadsend Inc writes "Roadsend Inc, creators of the Roadsend SiteManager Web Application Library, today announced the availability of the Roadsend Compiler for PHP, a product designed to open up new possibilities for the world's most popular web scripting language.

PHP has established itself as a powerful, easy-to-program solution for web application development. Its popularity has generated the demand to extend beyond the realm of web applications and into the realm of a general purpose compiled language suitable for stand alone applications.

The Roadsend Compiler offers a new, commercially supported implementation of the PHP language. It retains the powerful features that long-time PHP developers are used to, while offering significant advantages over the open source implementation to now make PHP a truly viable alternative to other compiled languages.

With the Roadsend Compiler, developers can create native stand alone applications, libraries and web applications that require no interpreter. Because the Roadsend Compiler is compatible with open source PHP 4.3.7, existing code may be used in compiled products.

The Roadsend Compiler is currently available on all popular Linux platforms, with a Windows version available soon. In addition, a GUI extension based on the popular GTK toolkit is under development. The Roadsend Compiler intends to offer true cross-platform, stand alone GUI applications that take advantage of the power and ease of use of the PHP language.


The Roadsend Compiler is available for a free 21 day evaluation. After the evaluation, a one year commercial license allowing unlimited royalty free product creation is available for the introductory price of $399. It is available for immediate download at www.roadsend.com

ABOUT Roadsend Inc.

Roadsend Inc. has built their business around the use of PHP since 1998. As a special consultant and sub-contractor to some of the world's largest organizations such as IBM and the US Army, Roadsend has earned a reputation in the community for revolutionary solutions. With the release of the new Roadsend Compiler, Roadsend continues to actively contribute to the commercial success of PHP.



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